A boudoir-style lingerie boutique…

Mrs. Mengels wanted to extend her space to make it more comfortable. She dreamt of a women’s lingerie boutique where the layout would be refined, delicate, clean-cut and organised. She wanted her customers to be immersed in an atmosphere worthy of the finest lingerie. Something chic and comfortable where customers could wander past the products.


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How we work

A full reinvention of the brand’s visual identity was undertaken: new name, new logo.

Then, our interior architects defined and conceptualised the project, generating highly realistic 3D images for Mrs. Mengels. This process is really valuable to us, as it allows us to work alongside our customers with confidence.

Once the layout plans were clearly defined, our craftsmen built the furniture. All that remained was to install everything.

The central area of the shop has a large wooden counter. It places you right next to customers, so you can better understand their expectations and advise them more closely.


The colours and materials have been carefully selected to create a refined, luxurious atmosphere. Pastel shades coupled with light wood and gold accents inspire an incredibly delicate boudoir atmosphere.


"The team quickly converted these ideas into a choice of materials and furniture design. From the project to the construction and site coordination, everything went smoothly. The results are magnificent!"

Nadine Mengels Manager & owner