Big mission, small steps

We are proud to be a business dedicated to change and willing to play our part in transitioning to a more harmonious world.

We are firmly committed, therefore, to reducing our impact on the environment and acting so that our colleagues, partners and communities to shine as brightly as possible.

Moreover, this desire for a positive impact has been enshrined in our Articles of Association, making us a mission-led business.

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We face enormous social and environmental challenges, and urgent action is needed. We are conscious of the challenges that face us, of our place in the world and the environmental issues related to our activities. This responsibility is what motivates us to try to act within our scope and improve bit by bit every day.

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Discover actions already taken...

For the environment

We are committed to halving our CO2 emissions by 2030.  We are mindful of our impact on biodiversity and other finite planetary resources, so we have used the Sustainable Development Goals as a guide to organise our activities.

A few examples

  • Biodiversity and CO2 impact audit provided for all of our projects involving stands
  • All production is based in Belgium
  • Materials are chosen based on their degree of circularity (reuse, recycling and/or life cycle)
  • A 2,500 m² solar panel installation supplies more than half our energy needs
  • A carbon assessment completed for our activities
  • Raising awareness among our teams about environmental issues (
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For our colleagues

We are convinced that our business can only shine if our teammates do too, so we look after our culture. We want to enable every teammate to grow within the business by encouraging them to be autonomous, take responsibility and acquire new skills. All in a positive spirit aimed at fostering strong relationships and involving collective intelligence. 

A few examples 

  • Our management committee is inclusive and represents everybody, both workers and employees.
  • Our teams choose their own managers.
  • Our meetings are led by in-house facilitators, ensuring that decisions are taken smoothly and collectively.
  • We are trained in positive communication and a culture of feedback which encourages transparency and trust.

These are all activities that enable everyone to feel valued and respected while maximising our collective’s potential and hence its impact.


For our clients

Partnerships with our clients and their projects are a unique opportunity to make conscious, positive choices. They also represent moments of mutual learning and inspiration. We want to offer our clients the transparency and tools they need so they can explore the most sustainable options when executing their projects.

A few specific examples 

  • Carbon impact study provided for all projects involving stands
  • Support in choosing the most energy-saving solutions and processes
  • Support in choosing the most environmentally friendly materials

and a desire to inspire each other by discussing these subjects in relation to your projects.

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For the community

Established in the same region for more than 30 years, we are determined to contribute to the local ecosystem by training, recruiting, promoting meaningful initiatives and bringing people together.

Some examples

  • Training and internships with carpentry schools 
  • Support for a non-profit organisation that creates spaces where people can meet
  • Inspirational evening events in our offices, starting June 2024
  • Partnership with Woodwize to support training in woodworking
  • Stakeholder in transport, waste and biodiversity projects for the Wavre zoning plan with Alliance BW and the city of Wavre.
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Others we dream of...

The list is long, and our dreams are boundless. Every day we dare to make them a reality. And because we’re better together, if you want to dare, then come and join us... PLUO!