Are you trying to maximise the effectiveness of your commercial premises and get a return on your investment?

  • Customer experience

    We design attractive, memorable spaces that call out to be explored, create a connection and encourage involvement. The ambiance of your sales area is carefully designed to reflect your brand’s identity.

  • Functionality and ergonomics

    Whatever your product or service, our layouts are designed to optimise presentation and facilitate customer movement. Furniture, lighting, choice of colours and textures, use of new technologies: every detail contributes to the experience of your visitors and staff.

  • Profitability

    A well-designed layout contributes to discovery, encourages purchases and loyalty, and thus increases commitment to your brand. More than mere sales areas, we imagine meeting places where customer experience and the aesthetic boost profitability.

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Services offered by PLUO

  • Full development project: new build or renovation;

    Product positioning study;

    Project design by our internal architects;

    Realistic 3D visualisation;

    Full movement and space optimisation plan;

  • Full construction site management from design to installation;

    Full production of your furniture by our workshops;

    Integration of digital technologies (screen, touch terminals, etc.);

    Graphic identity and logo.




"Trees are part of the SOMA experience. Our visitors, young and old, are systematically drawn to it!"

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Why work with us?

  • Support throughout the project

    Our experts manage all the details of your project, from analysing your organisation’s optimisation needs and designing the furniture to full installation of your new sales area. The construction site is in the hands of a single contact person who manages all the trades. Constantly by your side, we help you when it comes to choosing layouts, selecting materials and partners, and deciding how much you want to invest.

  • A place that really feels like you.

    We involve you at every stage and build the space of your dreams together. Whether it’s the ambiance, the design, the materials or the operational optimisation of the area, we discuss everything with you so as to construct the ideal environment for your sales area.

  • Ironclad design

    Do you struggle to make choices or do your premises have certain constraints? Our personalised approach makes it possible to find solutions to each specific case.

  • 100% made in Belgium

    PLUO, 70 talented people all inspired by their craft. From our architects to the production workshops, our manufacturing operation is based entirely in Belgium.

  • Strong commitments

    Budget, quality, deadlines: we keep our promises while staying true to our social commitments. Sustainability is at the heart of our projects and guides our choice of suppliers, materials and design.

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