What is our approach?

  • Effective management of your layout project

    Whether dealing with offices, retail or medical premises, internal management of all your project’s phases means we oversee the execution of your interior layout and furniture designs from start to finish. It also offers you the opportunity to widen the scope of your potential to imagine. So that together, we can realise your most complex creative designs.

  • PLUO as a duo with creative teams

    Our collaborative philosophy rests on a true partnership with architects and designers. The magic takes shape in our technical studies office and at the heart of our carpentry workshop. To respond to every challenge, our team is supported by specialist partners who can offer the most specific and innovative materials, services and expertise.

  • Inspiring resources to support your creativity

    The challenge of the first phase of a collaboration consists in deconstructing the project as imagined by our partner. Our developers examine the project’s feasibility by using 3D modelling software, so they can familiarise themselves with all the technical details. They then suggest production solutions to enable the project to be executed as faithfully as possible while taking the different constraints into consideration. Our work also focuses on a constant quest for innovation.

We discuss your design project together


Services offered by PLUO

  • Technical development office;

    Digital design and production;




  • Full production of your furniture by our workshops;

    Integration of digital technologies;

    Study and search for materials and partners offering specific services and expertise;

    Full project management from development study to installation.




"We got on well with the team from the get go. They were very flexible in responding quickly to our new questions or ideas."

Ellis Broos Lucien

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Why work with us?

  • Digital design

    Our technical developers work with your architects and designers both during the design phase and upstream of production to optimize resources and explore innovative manufacturing methods.

  • Digital manufacture combined with craftsmanship

    Our digital tools improve production quality and effectiveness. They can also accelerate the prototyping process, allowing the designers to test their ideas quickly and make any resulting adjustments. Our carpenters’ expert craftsmanship enables a diverse range of materials from wood to stone, and from metal to plexiglass and other types of coverings to be assembled harmoniously. The result: authentic, unique designs.

  • Support throughout the project

    As the integrator of technical solutions, we also play the role of entrepreneur. We ensure overall management of the project’s execution, juggling multiple participants and trades from production to on-site installation.

  • Ironclad design

    Whatever the stage of your project and your constraints, our personalised approach helps by finding solutions to each specific case.

  • 100% made in Belgium

    PLUO, 70 talented people all inspired by their craft. From our architects to the production workshops, our manufacturing operation is based entirely in Belgium.

  • Strong commitments

    Budget, quality, deadlines: we keep our promises while staying true to our social commitments. Sustainability is at the heart of our projects and guides our choice of suppliers, materials and design.

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