In the boxes...

While the majority of creations see the light of day, some remain on the drawing board. This was the case for the Escapade project, which, for timing reasons, could not be approved by the customer, the owner of a leather goods boutique located in the Cloche d'Or Shopping Centre in Luxembourg.


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Our design office and interior architects were tasked with transforming the boutique into a cosy, more upmarket space with an industrial feel and removable fittings to adapt to the rhythm of the seasonal collections.

We presented a selection of illustrations 3D, very realistic, mixing the warm, luxurious look of the world of leather goods and luggage with a more raw look, directly inspired by industrial atmospheres.

Raw, sustainable materials

Our designers have imagined a raw world of wood, metal furniture and exposed ceilings, using claustras as shelving to maximise the display of products, a ceramic counter with a monolithic stone effect, a piece of furniture made of caillebottis and an imitation granito floor. Centre walls have been added to segment the space and give rhythm to the exhibition.


From design to installation

And while the project did not come to fruition, it illustrates the complementary nature of our in-house expertise, starting with the design and, once the project is approved: the design, technical study, local manufacture of the furniture, installation and overall coordination of all the actors involved.