For the first time, D'Ieteren will be reuniting all of its brands at the Motor Show over 11,000 m².

Renowned for its iconic vehicle brands, the D'Ieteren Group has decided, for the first time in its history, to exhibit all its automotive brands in a single showroom. As well as a large area dedicated to the must-have brands - Volkswagen, Cupra, Skoda, Seat, Audi and Porsche - there is another area for luxury brands - Rimac, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Bentley - and a central area dedicated exclusively to alternative mobility (Microlino, Lucien bikes) and automotive services, both in-house and financial. (Edi, My Way, Wondercar, RH, VDFIN...) Challenge accepted!


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Keeping respective identities... within a single concept

Each brand had its own set of specifications, which we scrupulously followed to create the respective stands in keeping with the brand image, while maintaining the harmony that highlights the identity of the D'Ieteren group. The common thread running through the whole showroom is the uniformity of the high-light boxes, the same flooring level and the same music throughout...


Our technical design office in high demand

Certain construction elements could not be developed without a serious feasibility analysis. How do you fit 40 m of suspended ceiling over the Audi stand? What is the best technique for securing the arch in the lounge area? Our experts put a great deal of thought into finding technically reliable solutions that respected the proposed design.


20 brands, a host of partners... and 11 days to put it all together!

One of our major roles was to manage and coordinate the stakeholders involved in the 20 brands/services on show. PLUO's role was to act as a link between the communication agencies, the brands' marketing teams, headed up by the D'Ieteren Group's event department, and the twenty or so suppliers who are our regular partners, from audiovisuals to furniture or even the creation of floor surfaces. Imagine 60 assemblers taking turns day and night for the first 4 days of assembly...


  • 20 Brands
  • 60 Assemblers

As far as timing was concerned, there was not one single delay, thanks to a highly detailed joint schedule monitored in real time. The project's watchwords: rigour, agility and mutual support.


Bringing spaces to life!

The customers' needs were very diverse and the teams' imagination, was therefore limitless. The PLUO teams, who have a great deal of experience in this field, worked closely with the D'Ieteren Group's events department to coordinate the activities and events organized on the stands throughout the show. A dense and versatile program!

Cupra, for example, surprised visitors with an original video animation, the prestigious staff party was attended by almost 2,700 Group employees, and press conferences were packed with media keen to find out more.

The lounge area, a 1,000 m² oasis of tranquillity

The lounge offers a soothing setting where guests can catch their breath, refocus and build business relationships in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.


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We've invited UPCYCLING to the Motor Show!

At PLUO, we are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our activities.  And we offer our customers the means to do it with us.

Our challenge here was to find stakeholders who were ready to embark on an UPCYCLING project with us. The aim is to avoid throwing away equipment at all costs by giving it a second life. 


  • 11,000
  • 65% Recycled flooring

UPCYCLE what? The examples speak for themselves

65% of the floors and floor coverings were recovered and reused by suppliers, customers and Rotor, a cooperative that organizes the reuse and sale of building materials.

Most of the special items, such as central furniture and podiums, are kept in stock and reused for other group events.

Some of the graphic canvases have been recovered by customers and now decorate their offices. Others have gone to organizations such as @jobags.bxl, which works in partnership with a social reintegration workshop to create luggage and accessories from PVC tarpaulins.

Mission accomplished!