Odoo experience 2023, the world's #1 Open Source software event

Since its creation in 2017, Odoo has organised the event awaited by integrators and partners from all over the world every year: Odoo Experience. Three days of networking that will enable Odoo to develop its customer base and visitors to discover the latest software from the group and their integrators.

PLUO has been there since the first edition in Louvain-la-Neuve, bringing together 20 exhibitors at an event held in two halls at Brussels Expo. With an original feature on the customer's side: the organisation of the event is entirely in the hands of the members of staff - 2,000 people, each with a specific task. Guaranteed dynamic cohesion.


"At Odoo, we are constantly looking for the most sustainable ICT solutions for our customers. Logically, we put this same priority at the top of the list for the organisation of our Odoo Experience event."

Pauline Vanhoutte Event Manager

130 stands to set up in 2 days

PLUO manages all the networking, discussion, bar areas, as well as 130 individual stands for exhibiting partners.

Each exhibitor has the same stand structure to ensure consistency. PLUO provides a technical plan with a customisable space layout: a back wall, a welcome counter and a screen. The largest stands also have a discussion area. And the colour mauve is dominant everywhere...


3 days... and then what? Reuse the equipment!

In line with Odoo's strong values, PLUO has designed stand structures that are 100% reusable.

PLUO has suggested that the floors in one of the halls be covered with reusable carpet tiles. The second hall is covered in a rather attractive tiling that has remained visible.