Creating with fun, SOMA

The SOMA Foundation was created last May with the aim of inspiring the younger generation by awakening their creativity through fun, collaborative and inclusive experiences. Designed to host training courses, workshops or shows, SOMA offers 1,200 m² of light-filled space for children aged 4 to12, accompanied by their families, schools or friends.


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Making dreams come true...

Tucked away in a vast building in the centre of Ixelles, the two floors were intended to be transformed into spaces for reception, games and construction, technological experiments and even relaxation. 

Delighted to be embarking on this inspiring project, PLUO's designers were tasked with fitting out several spaces and creating bespoke furniture. In concrete terms, we have fitted out the reception area with a counter, benches and changing rooms, created a cafeteria area where you can relax between two activities and equipped the technology laboratory with tables that can partly be raised.

A world a little out of time, crossed by a huge wooden tree... 


When nature takes over

"To make the building stand out even more, we're imagining a grandiose, a playful element, linked to nature and providing a link between the different areas.” Inspired by this brief, our architects suggested creating a tree made of sustainable wood that runs through the structure of the building. This was followed by a technical development study to reconcile all the constraints relating to the structure of the building and its safety, while respecting the design of the project.


"Trees are part of the SOMA experience. Our visitors, young and old, are systematically drawn to it!"

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Made to millimetre precision!

Our developers carried out a complete survey of the building to ensure that everything fitted together perfectly and blended harmoniously into the structure of the building. Together, they modelled it in 3D to visualise the beams, walls, ventilation ducts and the flow of future visitors.


  • 5 meters high
  • 250 pieces
  • 1 tonnes

Once this technical feat had been fully approved and secured, the developers broke down the tree into 830 parts. Each double-layered piece - to give the tree more life - was programmed and cut on our CNC digital cutting machine, then coated with fire-resistant varnish. For ease of transport, the parts have been pre-assembled in 15 kg modules, ready to install.

And (small) visitors embrace nature...

The 48 modules were transported by hand because of limited access, and fitted together perfectly to match the structure of the building as closely as possible.

The result is breathtaking, offering visitors a sensory experience in its own right.