A completely refurbished space for even closer links and personalised advice

Supersanit's showroom was affected by flooding caused by bad weather in July 2021 and needed major work. With a view to enhancing interaction between customers and staff, the owners have taken the opportunity to completely rethink the space and organize it in a more fluid way.


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Invisible to the eye: circulation, a key factor

The showroom had a classic layout, with different cubicles, each featuring a different sanitary product. The sales staff's offices were off-center and not very visible, limiting contact between staff and customers. The challenge was to facilitate communication in a warm, airy space conducive to quality exchanges.

Our interior architects developed a project based on circulation: sales staff are positioned at the heart of a central element, delimited by wooden screens, and have access to open-plan offices and discussion areas that have been judiciously arranged.


The exhibition areas radiate out from the central space, inviting visitors to browse and are fully integrated into the advice and sales area.

From planning to reality

As with every project, once the 2D layout and circulation plan had been approved by the customer, our architects visualized it, creating highly realistic 3D images that facilitate informed decision-making.

Decoration at the service of space

The decor, which was rather colorful and dominant before the work was carried out, was also completely redesigned, more in line with the cozy, welcoming atmosphere we wanted for the showroom. It adopts the same spirit, in white tones, with a concrete floor and wood, more neutral so as not to overshadow the models on display.

An integrated project, from design to completion

Apart from the heating and flooring, our team will carry out the entire renovation project, including furniture, finishing touches, electricity, etc.

The result is a space where customers can easily immerse themselves in the development of their projects, supported by the invaluable advice of the teams. An oasis of comfort for staff and visitors alike.