Catch the eye of a new audience... Toyota Eye-Catcher!

Redline, the communications agency in charge of Toyota's presence at the Motor Show, was clear in its briefing: the aim was to highlight the benefits of hybridisation while offering a sexier image of the brand. In other words, starting from (almost) zero.

We love blank pages at PLUO! The result was the idea of an installation that illustrates the fusion of the car's two means of propulsion and attracts attention from all directions.


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A highly technical concept...

One exchange followed another to give life to this very daring idea, full of constraints. One of which is that it can be dismantled and recycled.

LED screens integrated into a giant ring? Impossible due to the weight! The final solution received unanimous approval: screens set out in front of a gigantic ring, built by our partner Aluvision, which could be dismantled and stored once the show was over.


Once again, 2D modelling enabled us to go very far in our study and search for technical solutions. And which has enabled our partners and collaborators to give their opinions and work together towards the best solutions.

Partners in gold

We collaborated with many different players to curve the elements, hide the technical elements, integrate the screens, the graphics and lighting, and so on.

Everyone involved was driven by the same rigour and a highly collaborative working attitude, facilitating the fluid sharing of information.

Our on-site decoration teams then dressed the metal skeleton in wood and plants, and carried out tests in the workshop to ensure that the effect would last. 

All that remained was to install an odour diffuser to add a touch of freshness to the tour of the spaces.


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Eye Catcher? Mission accomplished

The thousands of visitors on the first day quickly confirmed Toyota's decision. The brand had to dare to position itself differently, and PLUO had to dare to support them in this ambitious change of direction. The result: a unanimous sense of pride.


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Lexus, 100% electric

Toyota's top-of-the-range division, Lexus, for its part, wanted to showcase 100% electric power with its brand new vehicle, the BZ4X. A model that would stand out from Toyota, but not overshadow it...

In keeping with the Lexus universe, we opted for a stand very similar to that of the factory stand, both in terms of colours and atmosphere.