Visit to the Dumont bakery workshop...

On entering, visitors are immediately attracted by the layout of the workshop, which combines natural and traditional features to emphazise the bakery’s authentic, traditional feel. The project, carried out in collaboration with the architectural office of industrial equipment manufacturer Distrinox, was entrusted to us by Olivier Peeters, the bakery’s owner, who accompanied us step by step.


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Nestled in the heart of a new building

The concept and furniture for this bakery were designed by the interior designers from Distrinox, a company specializing in fitting out workspaces.

Inspired by their implementation plan and 3D images, our development office looked at the interior designer’s plans to propose the best technical solutions for producing and integrating industrial equipment such as refrigerated counters.


Unique furniture made in Belgium

Our carpenters then took over to make the furniture in our workshops completely to specification.

Every detail was taken into account. Our contribution to this project: the refrigerated counter panels, the decorative suspended ceiling, the furniture behind and in front of the counter, and the glazed floor offering a direct view of the workshop. Our customers all agree that Dumont bakery is one of those places where you just feel good...