Together, we create an exceptional environment aligned with your values and help you to reach your goals

Our passion

Your aspiration: to make an impact. Our role: to create inviting spaces where we can meet and share ideas to help you reach your goals. When you choose Pluo, you work with autonomous teams overflowing with ideas adapted to your needs. The trust we share drives us to reinvent our business day-by-day, astonish you and create long-lasting relationships.

How we work

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We work in multi-disciplinary teams of experts who put their skills at the service of your project. We transform an idea into a prototype, produce the project in our workshops and bring it to life. Creative design, technical development, production and logistics: Pluo is by your side every step of the way.


At the heart of our design studio and development office are more than 15 innovators, engineers, interior designers and architects who turn your ideas into layouts, images and production methods.

We choose materials and processes with great care so they meet your expectations, rise to the sustainability challenge and stay strictly within the allocated budget.

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These are the people and teams at Pluo who bring your ideas to life. We are fortunate to have our own paint and carpentry workshops. More than 3,000 square metres holding 40 inspired artisans. You can rely on their dedication and expertise in finding a technical solution to any challenge.

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Installation and logistics

We take care of transporting, installing and removing construction sites. If your project is a stand you want to re-use, we have 6,000 m² of storage space at your disposal. Trucks or articulated lorries, our fleet of 16 vehicles ensures the best management of on-site transport.

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Supervision and management

Because it’s vital to meet deadlines, around ten project managers plan and organise our work. Like true orchestral conductors, they are the link between our internal departments and any external collaborators involved in the project.

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Putting people at tahe centre of our work for sustainable solutions

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We not only guarantee local production, we also do everything possible to reduce our environmental impact. Big or small, our endeavours result in concrete commitments.

Discover our commitments

ISO 9001 Certification demonstrates constant improvement

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At PLUO, we strive to improve all the time. More than 20 years ago, our quest for improvement and quality led to our ISO certification.

What are the benefits to you?

ISO certification guides us in constantly analysing and improving our methods and processes. It guarantees the quality of our projects and procedures and validates our operational effectiveness.

It’s a reassuring framework supporting the many project stakeholders and their respective technical and time constraints.
It also provides:

  • a guarantee of a structured process and documentation
  • specific project follow-up and the best possible outcome
  • full control of deadlines, even when changes are required
  • transparency and adherence to the agreed budget.

Unique in our profession in Belgium, our certification encompasses all aspects of our work, from design to installation.