Welcome to PLUO!

There are moments in the life of a company that count more than others. We're at one of those moments.

After 30 years under the name Conceptexpo, we are daring to give ourselves an identity that represents us more closely and brings to life what drives us every day.

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The transformation of our corporate structure towards a collaborative model has inspired us to reinvent a company where everyone feels involved and can grow while contributing to a common project that makes sense. A company where the most innovative ideas are those created and improved through collective intelligence. We've extended this philosophy to every relationship we have with you, whether you're a current or potential customer, and to every project you manage.

As a “Mission Company”, we make concrete commitments to limit our impact on the natural world around us and to ensure the well-being and fulfilment of our employees, partners and the community as a whole.

And while our DNA hasn't changed, our business has. Still the leader in stand fittings, we are resolutely developing our activities in fitting out pharmacies, shops, offices and museums. And because collaboration is always at the heart of our projects, we also work in synergy with other architectural practices.

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PLUO is the name we have chosen to embody our present and our future. The “O” symbolises our corporate philosophy and reflects who we are!

It represents our commitment to dare to do things differently, to "Dare More".

The circle represents circularity, locality and connection. The link that our teams create through facilities that encourage people to meet each other, the link that exists between our teams and all our partners.

We wanted to dare to create even more links, more meaning, more creativity, more circularity, more encounters, more dreams and more emotions. Looking for more...PLUO!

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We want to be partners with those who are bold enough to dream of meeting places and experiences. You know us: we love listening to you and talking to you. Your dreams inspire us, and we put all our heart into making them come true, however ambitious they may be. We like to think that, together, we can transform your imagination into unique environments, conducive to encounters and emotions, and at the service of your objectives.

From now on, you can find us at www.pluo.be. And while this name change is a big step for us, we obviously have a lot more to share about what's important to you.

Our teams will be delighted to tell you about the new resources and solutions available to you. A tool to help you measure the return on investment of your projects in very concrete terms, support in taking sustainability one step further...we have so much to talk about.

See you soon to dare together,

The PLUO team